doditsolutions / Digital-wallet-clone-script (#748) (public) (License: GPLv3) (since 2018-12-22)
With our Digital Wallet App, You can completely transform your Ticketing Operations with a custom-build you need, Customer App and a powerful Admin panel to manage the business. Check our detailed Digital Wallet Script Proposal for more details

Manage all aspects of the Digital Wallet Script System.

Enable/Disable Services
You will be able to enable and disable your Recharge, Bill Payments and Travel Services here.

Digital Wallet Script Reservation System
Commission Master
View All over Agent and Distributor Commission for Recharge, Bill Payments and other services.

Commission Report
View Datewise, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Agent Commission details for all services provided.

Zonal Managers
Add New Zone, View List of Zone available and List of Zonal target achieved, and export details to Mobile/Email.

Area Managers
Add New Area, View List of Area available and List of Area target achieved, and export details to Mobile/Email.

Channel Managers
Add New Channel, View List of Channel available and List of Channel target achieved, & export details to Mobile/Email.

Distributor Managers
Add New Distributor, View List of Distributors available and you can Enable/Disable them. Check List of Distributor target achieved, Deposit request and export details to Mobile/Email.

Remit Distributor Manager
Add/View, Activate/Deactivate Remit Distributors. View Deposit Request, Accept and Reject List. Reverse/Send Amount.

Remit Retailer Manager
View Active and Deactive Remit Agent details. Reverse/Send Amount.

Agent Managers
Add New Agent, View Active/Deactive Agent. Details of Agent Target Achieved. View Agent Request/ Accept/ Reject List details. Reverse/Send Amount. Export details to Mobile or Email.

User Management
View user/referred user list, you will be able to enable and disable them. Reverse/Send Amount.

Device Tracking
Track the device’s movements and determine its location. View Device Tracking Report Details.

Physical Products
Upload Category, Sub-Category, Brands. Add Products as per the Category, Brands. Add product stock.
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