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If you are planning to start your Groupon Clone website then Our Script is the best choice for you.This script enable you to run your own profitable Groupon Clone website within few hours.We assure this script can change your business.

Ready-made Business to Business Script at ease for you. It’s search engine friendly and easily manageable. Fully customizable colors and graphics of the site make this script very special.

Our Script comes with Mobile Application – Both Android and IOS.

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Phone : 0431 – 400616
Mobile : +91 7339131505
Skype : doditsolutions


Easy to manage deals: Easy to add, edit and delete any deals with ease
Excellent communication system: Online users can communicate with you as well as with users who are online
Easy to manage the users added so far: Can edit as well as remove any user with ease
Payment procedure becomes easy: Usage of PayPal and PayPal Payments Pro is required for the acceptance of credit cards
Systematic and accurate reporting of the data: Data can be in the form of text, charts or bars as well as it is easy to export as excel and pdf files
Easy to understand: The script possesses neat and clean code and therefore it is easy to understand.

Support different account views
Information broad casting
Easy Work flow of buying a deal
Best Backend features

Ability to subscribe to daily deal information from the user’s own city
Users can get a rebate if they successfully invite their friends to purchase a deal
Integrated forum for each city/country for user discussion
Ability to upload display photo, edit username, password and user delivery info
Ability to verify and claim coupon online
Finance Manager
Display financial records for fund deposit by members for Offline/Online payment
Display financial records for deals by cash payment
Ability to top up
Deal Manager
Display deals the user has purchased by paid, unpaid and all orders
Display details of deals that user has purchased including the amount, status, quantity, purchase time and deal info
Coupon Manager
Display coupons by used, unused and expired
Display details of coupon including the coupon number, password, validity date, deal info and status

Quick Stats
Feedback Manager
Subscription Manager
Finance Manager
Rebate Manager
Deal Manager
Order Manager
Coupon Manager
Partner Manager
Marketing Tools
Category Manager
Site Configuration

Integrated Google Maps
Show your latest Twitter posts
Google Analytics integration
Facebook Connect
SSL support
Buy coupon for a friend

Admin stats in dashboard
Charts with all user types
Charts with incomes
Companies can see their own stats
Logs about all payments
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