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This document is prepared by DOD IT Solutions, to give you an idea of how our ELECTRICAL SCRIPT features would be. Every business wish to be one or other way this is one of the best solution solution to build, manage and market e-commerce consumer in b2b websites to get your online business up and running in on time .It is easy to install and to build an online business that positively shines in the search engine ,its free in downloading with affordable and reasonable price is used in free of testing and unrivaled support ,this provides a platform in tracking ideas and gain information for business.Our Electrical Script has all the relevant features and benefits that could result in bringing a hike to your business career.


Search Engine Optimization

Category (Multiple /Sub)

Easy Customizing Design

100 Discount Code

Account Manage

Tracking Of Orders

Pay pal Integration

Automatic Installation

Setup Tutorials

Order Management

Free Template

Social Media Integration

Rich Snippet Micro Data

Free Download Reasonable Pay



2.Event management




6.Online view

7.List of price


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