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Quick overview:
SlideShare Clone is a Web–based slide hosting service. Users can upload files privately or publicly in the following file formats: PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote or OpenDocument presentations.

Unique Features:
Share Presentations
Share Info graphics
Share Documents
User friendly
Featured Slide shares
Featured Topics
Social Media
Share your favorites
Faster and Smarter
Share your insights

General Features:
Ø Analytics
Ø Calls to Action
Ø Haiku Deck
Ø Search Power
Ø Video Presentations
Ø Website and Blog Embeds
Ø Slide Shelf
Ø Profile Customization
Ø Private Uploads
Ø Videos
Uploading presentations
Embedding presentations on blogs, websites
Social sharing
Lead share: generating business leads
Creating webinars

User content submissions
Content listing and search
Content sharing - private and public
Content presentation as Flash
User registration

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