List of commits:
Subject Hash Author Date (UTC)
Fix libs.cpp c736b9be42a871adc4827431961e8b769572c26b mse 2021-11-20 02:34:34
Fix tile seams ae09d59880997b3e1fd1cdf2083f83b3f0f73312 mse 2021-11-20 00:29:03
Make particle light follow sun angle ef944efffd223dd843a1471d6b651f5dc46d871b mse 2021-11-19 22:14:29
Work on particle light and bump version to v0.6.5 73b7b68133f7767f78c47492f693c5e9e965e214 mse 2021-11-19 08:04:32
Improve rim lighting and flatten floor gibs 4a7082e02eda370dba12bb44089777552859c5bd mse 2021-11-18 04:30:05
Change rim lighting to specular 937d99bee19b936fbf95927c5877a915c4128de1 mse 2021-11-18 03:49:41
Add sprite rim lighting eb9ade21b6253e050d6962c273187f090c20ff2a mse 2021-11-18 01:29:22
Bump version to v0.6.4 c2aeae76122cc95d03756a55a528b62609762820 mse 2021-11-17 11:38:37
Attempt to fix JSON serializing in locales with commas beae8b63fb0deaaf0b66ef4f188df270120ebe1c mse 2021-11-17 11:19:18
Limit network settings to network-enabled builds 8ccef75176b9059a45afa9ea251c313be7b7cfe0 mse 2021-11-17 09:20:56
Add /fps console command 207ef051937c91f78dae3928ef004ee7aa7f2a7a mse 2021-11-16 21:33:32
Move userdata to game root directory f9bff9bb941b714e7c0987327804175d852b470b mse 2021-11-16 02:55:04
Add --savehere flag and bump version to v0.6.3 a59633113908903af57e4e1c62008fe154d4cbb7 mse 2021-11-16 02:12:25
Disable networking and remove dead code aaa8bd8300f89099bace4ee1de374d05dff2c089 mse 2021-11-15 05:17:06
Update gamecontrollerdb 828ce88dd2107d69b6332b9768f7c556473b8a24 mse 2021-11-14 00:29:26
Bump version to 0.6.2 baa2215230b5deed37b69f4075bd3b3385dbb913 mse 2021-11-14 00:08:13
Fix controller menu selection 3a1567ae279289d72058d6aa23d0c4eb147db2a8 mse 2021-11-13 23:00:12
Chinese translations for confec-select and name-your-confec 6c5c9d0fadb17066af82d459d1d46868af0e9faa mse 2021-11-13 20:58:26
Parse newlines in CSL notifications fc21ba1563a1c36ff20711c84b0dc3f3d7588646 mse 2021-11-13 05:12:11
Scriptable special items: GIVESPECIAL <id> <name> 256a2581e75dc3762b098f8cae3259899f8c4a94 mse 2021-11-13 03:24:02
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