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Confectioner Engine license:

Do what you want to. Don't sue me; no warranty.

Third-party code licenses:

Micropather -- zlib license
SDL 2 -- zlib license
Khronos headers -- Apache 2 license with do-what-you-want sentiment

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100644 blob 225 9b00c2c2e7b4f0c1e338fdead65f17ba0af089c1 COPYING
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100644 blob 14281 269812932bd49b9542e969a1d70a9b1a786da7d1 Makefile
100644 blob 2723 b5a3f573f076ef740ca742ec9598043732e10c0e README.md
040000 tree - f18894a3a50f88457b898a360b553b9d9ba6f856 base
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100755 blob 28 41b0ef285892c86306eaa269f366dd04cb633d21 caveconfec.bat
100644 blob 196408 d38c9221e50e1a97d8e2ae6678ed61f34e788d97 confec.cpp
100644 blob 394069 50803f515c89046dd7a753514bbfc242a0015b55 gamecontrollerdb.txt
040000 tree - 0f0978f80e4982d0c776b5bfed5fb8830dfcfecb include
100755 blob 1035 2300dbb05e2b8d1b6decf6a6b9d4d208185370c8 libs.cpp
100755 blob 27581 8350a63e947e8a4a55608fd090d128fef7b969a1 micropather.cpp
100644 blob 141235 f54e2d2631a628876a631456c043b77da5db78bd openjdk.pem
100755 blob 8 e9a74187b02a27b165dfa4f93bf6f060376d0ee6 steam_appid.txt
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