Welcome to RocketGit!
Free (as in speech and as in beer) software (AGPLv3+) for hosting Git® projects, both public and private, respecting your privacy.

Our goal is to offer the best services to our users. See here how we compare with the others.
Free (as in speech) software
We know that many people find inappropriate to host their projects on a proprietary platform. Also, we know that many contributors find inappropriate to sign a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) to contribute to a project. Therefore, we created RocketGit.
What about the Enterprise Edition?
We are happy to inform you that you do not want an Enterprise Edition! You do not want to be vendor locked-in as it happens when you are using most of the competitor's products. Therefore, we are offering one single edition, ready to be used (free of charge) in enterprise environments as well.
Perhaps you want to know how we intend to sustain this business without a mandatory fee for using our software. We plan to do this by offering paid support, by charging for customizations, by accepting ads (very targeted and no Flash/JavaScript/animation) and donations. Please support us to be able to keep this project going.
Private repositories?
Here, at rocketgit.com, you can create an unlimited number of repositories, both public and private, free of charge.
To install this software on your server, just go to the download section and follow the instructions. It only takes few minutes.
You can create an account here.

Enjoy using RocketGit!
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