Free (as in speech) software
RocketGit is licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3+, therefore you have the freedom to run this software as you wish, to study how this software works, to redistribute copies and to distribute copies of your modified version. No vendor lock-in. No Contributor License Agreement. Nobody can steal your contributions by making them proprietary. See What is free software for more information.
Respecting your privacy
We are not selling (or giving for free) any of your data or your actions. We are not using your data for machine-learning training. In a world where selling data is a rule, we strongly refuse to betray our users.
RocketGit is extremely fast as it doesn't contain any Java, Javascript or Flash. And we plan to rewrite it in C for maximum speed.
RocketGit is really compact, therefore even if you choose to install it on your machine instead of using it in your web browser, you only need a very small virtual machine for this (1 core, 256MiB RAM are enough).
Ready to use
You can just open your web browser and start using RocketGit, but even if you choose to install RocketGit on your machine you can have it up and running in under 2 minutes. You can say goodbye to lengthy and boring installations!
Very easy to maintain
RocketGit has very few dependencies, all packed in the main-stream distributions, therefore you just upgrade your operating system and RocketGit will be up-to-date too.
We promise you that we will never release a major version which will force you to invest a lot of time in migration.
Corporate friendly
RocketGit is SELinux protected, therefore you can keep your system secure while using it. Also, for an increased level of security, you can use the two-factor authentication system provided by RocketGit. LDAP authentication is available.
Platform independent
You can use RocketGit in your web browser (no matter what operating system is running on your machine) or you can choose to install RocketGit on your machine (natively, if you are using Linux, or in a virtual machine, otherwise).
Integrated bug tracker
RocketGit provides the simplest and the most powerful bug tracker: minimal input fields, flexible label based tagging and custom searches.
Easy to contribute
With the anonymous push feature, it becomes very easy to contribute to a project: a clone and a push. You do not even need an account on rocketgit.com. Read more here.
Powerful rights management
You have a wide range of possibilities to block access to a repository. You can filter by IPv4/IPv6 addresses (including prefix length), by reference path (regex) or by path (also regex). You can reject commits based on size, bad whitespace or operation (create/update/delete) of branches/tags. You can control the non fast-forwards pushes and the merges.
Web hooks
We provide flexible web hooks allowing you to automate your tasks. You can easily setup a build, test and deploy hook (for continuous integration and deployment), store a repository archive in Amazon's S3, do a code deploy in Amazon, or call a Lambda function. Be notified in Matrix or Slack. Or call a PHP script on your server. You can filter by repository/branch name (regex).
Your build script can be adapted to define artifacts from your build directory and present them on the web. Check here the tutorial.
Packages and repositories
Having a .spec file in your tree and a build webhook defined will trigger the build of .rpm packages and the update of the rpm repository. The global ones or your own. Public or private. Several distributions. Several architectures.
Containers and Debian packages will follow. Check here the tutorial.
Built on top of top software
RocketGit has been created by using the best products to build upon: Linux kernel, GNU software, Git, OpenSSH, PostgreSQL, Apache, nginx, PHP, OpenLDAP, qrencode, SELinux and others.
Application programming interface (API)
We provide an API that allows you to control everything related to your user, repositories, bugs, notes and merge requests. You can find the documentation here.
We provide a set of tutorials to demonstrate our features. Check them here.
Are there features that you need and they are not here?
Do not worry! Let us know by leaving a suggestion (you must be logged in) or by writing an e-mail at in@rocketgit.com.