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Jackalope / jen (#659) ----> ABOUT:

3D rendering and computing framework based on Vulkan API.

- simdcpp sub...
- 2018-10-24 Public GPLv3 or later version 4,096KiB
Jackalope / JenExamples (#1159) Examples for JEN framework:
- images modification and onscreen displaying;
- presudo-random noise da...
- 2020-04-27 Public GPLv3 or later version 0B
Jackalope / jlib (#1061) jlib C++ template library
Used to replace std functionality without exception handling.
- data struc...
- 2019-11-18 Public GPLv3 or later 1,024KiB
Jackalope / jmath (#635) C++ conxstexpr template Math library with:
- multidimensional vectors and matrices
- geometry primit...
- 2018-10-11 Public GPLv3 or later 0B
Jackalope / jrf (#1065) Libriary for reading and writing resource files: vertices, indices, meshes, images, models and scene... - 2019-11-21 Public GPLv3 or later version 0B
Jackalope / simdcpp (#1156) SIMD template library for C++.
Some wrapper types for simd intrisics headers.

Goals: make functions...
- 2020-04-21 Public GPLv3 or later version 0B