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User / name Description Clone of Creation date (UTC) Type License Disk used
catalinux / Conn (#32) Net library for easy building ipv4/ipv6 network daemons/clients - 2016-03-01 Public LGPLv2 0B
catalinux / cpublaster (#26) This project tries to alleviate the aliasing problems of the modern CPUs.
It is a preloadable shared object.
- 2016-02-05 Public GPLv3 0B
catalinux / dupdump (#28) Find duplicated files and directories. - 2016-03-01 Public GPLv3 0B
catalinux / force_bind (#29) Force binding on a specific IP and/or port. - 2016-03-01 Public GPLv3 0B
catalinux / ip2clue (#31) High-performance IPv4 and IPv6 daemon to retrieve IPv4/6 country information. - 2016-03-01 Public GPLv3 0B
catalinux / pwatch (#30) Set of tools to analyze what a process is doing. 'io' command is used to see who is doing I/O. - 2016-03-01 Public GPLv3 0B
catalinux / rocketgit (#9) Main RocketGit repo - 2015-03-19 Public Affero GPLv3 5,120KiB
catalinux / srh (#25) srh = Stop Row Hammer
Try to stop the row hammer attacks. It is a work in progress.
- 2016-02-04 Public GPLv3 0B