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Our Freerecharge Clone offers you the best service. Everything is simple and at ease. Well with the word I don’t mean that you just have to enter your mobile number @ the website and choose for what amount you wanna recharge with, well with free I mean you get many rewards back when you recharge with their services.

Super Admin Affiliations modules Wallet user modules Seat seller White label Multiple API Integration Unique Mark up, Commission and service
charge for agent wise

User Friendly Site
CAPTCHA for Security
SMS Alert
Templates Using HTML
Modern & Unique design
Advanced User and Admin Panel
Customer Support Management
Content Management System (CMS)
You get Coupons equivalent to your recharge amount.
Recharge is fast.
Anytime Recharge whether its day or night recharge service always up.

Easy manage of users
Payment options using wallet
Payment integration through cash
Book or cancel orders
Collect details about Operators
Collecting Commissions
Google mappings

Responsive Design:
Feel the easiness in your tablet
Any device same view and same performance.
Design and coding
Easy coding for development and design
Easy management:
Organize in an orderly manner
Searching options
Easy responsive
Easy menu navigation button
Auto detecting circle with operators view
Full support
High structured
100 percent solution
Detail reports about operators
Offline sms services through agents
Easy install mobile application
Change settings with server number
Balance and transaction details through sms /email
Options in setting local numbers and keywords for sms recharge
Recharge for desktop software:
Multi options in recharging dth / internet
Downloadable software for easy recharge
Compatible options for recharge
Complete solutions for software

100 percent transactional reports with operator
Graphical analytics charts for business development
Recharge transaction report into excel
Any payment integration:
Powerful and reliable
Comprehensive documentation
Automatic refund
Single api with listing
Account management:
User level management in 3 levels - user - distributor - retailer
Complete statistic in chart
Add/debit recharge balance
List of unlimited users, retailers and distributors
Billing and support system (integrated and automated payment with centralized reports. Transfer recharges credit through sms)
Mobile application with uploading eminent features, customizable panel with colorful themes, work with own domain /sub domain.
Automatic reconciliation (refund, failure transaction, within hours refund)
User friendly with web interference (mobile recharge website, easy and smooth navigations)

Sign in sign up options.
Personal my account details with history.
Get Email Options.
Get SMS Options.
Search option enabled
User Wallet available.
Payment Gateway enabled.
Fund transfer.
Check refund status.
Coupon codes.
Promotions codes.
Wallet offers credits.
Refer a friends…etc


Search option enabled.
Can view en-numbers of bus snaps and videos.
Fill details and book it.
Payment Gateway enabled.
Check refund status.
Coupon codes.
Promotions codes.
Wallet offers credits.

Login credentials
Superadmin management
Superadmin Access for each menus and features can control.
Superadmin, employee and manager’s access and roles can be managed.
Recharge done(day,month,year)
Recharge graph
Browse Plan management
Manage reports (edit, status, delete, pagination)
User management
Manage the users details (edit,delete,status)
Passengers management
Recharge details
Recharge type management
Payment managed
Commission managed
Refund status
Cancelling Policy
Advantage of Recharge
Bulk SMS managed
Sms log details
Email log details
Banners managed
Manage marquee text
Day-to-day offer coupon codes would be generated.

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