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Start your own ecommerce online portal. Readymade Ecommerce Script which you can use to start your own portal online today.It’s very easy, user friendly, Search engine friendly and easily manageable for Site Administrator from one back-end administrator panel and can store tones of data.Script offers great earning potential. Fully customizable colors and graphics of the site make this script very special.

Unique Features:
Flexible Store management
Secured Shopping Cart
Friendly Social Interaction
Marketing and SEO
24/7 Support
Mobile Ecommerce
Online Shopping
Vender Management
User Management

Admin Features:
General Setting, Social setting, SMTP Configuration etc.
Location Management
Categories Management console (multilevel)
Add / edit / remove categories
Brands Management
Add / edit / remove Brands
Coupon Management console
User Management console
Vender Management console
View/Edit/Delete user/vender
Product Management
Add/edit/delete/approve products in catalog

Other Features:
Payment Gateway
Emails and Alerts
Custom Work
Complete Solution

Valid email-id and password
JavaScript and Ajax validation for email and password fields
Register link for new user
Log in using Face book and social network

A password will be sent automatically to email

Basic account information such as email-id, password and confirm password
Basic contact information such as address, mobile number etc
After successful registration Email notification

Friendly urls
Visually Appealing Interface
Share Buttons
Show Products on Human Models
Quick Launch

Cash adding options
Product ordered

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