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A popular Movie Booking Script for you consisting of Counter Booking, Ticket Management System, Ticket Availability option. Our Ticket Please Clone Script has all the relevant features such as Seat Selection, Advance CMS Management, Print and Cancel ticket through online, Location management etc… which would result in bringing a hike to your business career. Every business wish to be one or other way the same and if you want to start a Movie Booking website, this will be the best way you have chosen.

Unique Features:
Log in using a valid username or email and password
Recover the username/password using forgot password
Recover login details using your registered mail id

Create a new account with basic information
Username , email and password and its
Email validation and captcha is available
Confirmation mail will be sent to the registered mail id

Check availability
After login user can search movie from movie list.
User can check ticket availability.
If a ticket is available user can book ticket.
Shows the trailers by using YouTube video.
The user can rate the films

Book ticket
User can search Movie by using movie, date, show, location, language and class.
Then select number of seats to book.
After select number of seats, select seat numbers from seat layout.

Advanced Features:
Movie, Cinema and Events Booking
Counter booking and online booking
Advance Theatre management
Class management
Show management
Movie management
Events management
Location management
News management
Schedule management

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