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gdr / bitmoji (#57) Download all your bitmoji emoticons, with a nice live search HTML page - 2017-01-25 Public GPLv3 0B
gdr / PurePyTox (#264) toxcore in pure python3.

haha, in your dreams.
- 2017-11-09 Public GPLv3 0B
gdr / tuntox (#54) Tunnel TCP connections over the Tox protocol - 2017-01-24 Public GPLv3 2,048KiB
gdr / Z3SBarcodeScanner (#550) Dowód Rejestracyjny Aztec code scanner (mirror repo)
see: https://zaufanatrzeciastrona.pl/post/histo...
- 2018-08-02 Public GPLv3 235MiB