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vrtc / flowerpicker (#1052) Flowerpicker is a GUI extension, that is an add-on, for World of Warcraft game client. It is under d... - 2019-11-07 Public GPLv3 0B
vrtc / holyframeset (#1076) A user interface extension for a game client of World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King. It aims t... - 2019-12-16 Public MIT 0B
vrtc / mooncrown-unstable (#1183) Amateur video game prototype and snippets. - 2020-06-11 Public GPLv3 0B
vrtc / moonempire (#1022) A turn-based strategy video game in a fantasy setting, under early development. Platforms: PC, Andro... - 2019-10-03 Public MIT 0B
vrtc / oldmooncrown (#1101) Amateur pet game project. - 2020-02-11 Public GPLv3 0B
vrtc / sorcerergame (#884) A video game for Android and PC. The genre is real-time strategy. - 2019-05-09 Public MIT 0B