Git hosting solutions comparison
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LegalRocketGitGitlab CEGitHubgitolitePagure.ioGogs.ioPhabricator
License ?Affero GPLv3+MITProprietaryGPLv2GPLv2 or laterMITApache 2.0
Business modelSupport and sponsorsOpen coreMonthly feen/an/an/a?
Developers keep copyright when contributing ?YesYes?n/aYesYesYes??
GNU Ethical Repository Criteria Evaluations (link)A (-A4, +A+0, +A+1, +A+2, +A+5)CF?A???
FeaturesRocketGitGitlab CEGitHubgitolitePagure.ioGogs.ioPhabricator
Git SHA-256 supportYes??????
Easy installation ?YesYesYes?YesYesYes?
SELinux policy ?YesNo?not needed???
Distro friendly ?YesNo (see 1)No (see 1)YesYes?Yes??
Bug trackerYesYesYesNoYes?Yes
CLI commands (SSH) ?YesNo?????
Anonymous push ?YesNoNoNo?No??
Languages available (i18n)1??1?14?
Submodules ????????
Usable with lynxYesYesYesn/aYesYes?
SSH OTP 2fa (two-factor authentication)YesNo ?Yes (see 2)YesNo??
Web OTP 2fa (two-factor authentication)YesYesYes????
Web HooksYesYesYesNoYesYes?
Web Hooks - provide client certsYesNoNon/a?No?
Web Hooks - authenticate server (CA cert)YesNoNon/a?No?
OpenSSH FIDO2 basic supportYesNoYesYes???
OpenSSH FIDO2 touch enforcingYesNo?????
OpenSSH FIDO2 verify-required enforcingYes??????
OpenSSH AuthorizedKeysCommand ?YesYesYes?No??
OpenSSH filter by key type and bits ?YesYes?NoNoYes?
Detailed info about the SSH keys ?YesNo?NoNo??
LDAP user authenticationYesYes?NoNoYes?
LDAP groupsNoYes?????
PAM user authenticationNo????Yes?
Git LFSNoYesYesYesNoNo?
Lock repo with a messageYes??????
Continuous integrationYesYes?????
Code reviewNoYesYes???Yes
User custom pagesNoYesYesn/a???
Auto-building .rpm packages from .spec fileYesNoNoNo???
Hosting user .rpm distro repository?YesNoNoNo???
Auto-recreating .rpm repository when a package is rebuiltYesNoNoNo???
Auto-building .deb packages from debian folderYesNoNoNo???
Hosting user .deb distro repository?YesNoNoNo???
System resource friendly? ?YesNo?Yes???
RightsRocketGitGitlab CEGitHubgitolitePagure.ioGogs.ioPhabricator
Path control ?YesNo?YesYes??
Refs control ?YesYes??Yes??
IP control ?YesNo??Yes???
Product distribution/evaluationRocketGitGitlab CEGitHubgitolitePagure.ioGogs.ioPhabricator
KVM image available?Yes??not needed??No
VirtualBox image available?Yes??not needed??No
VMWare image available?Yes??not needed??No
Docker container available?YesYes????No
DetailsRocketGitGitlab CEGitHubgitolitePagure.ioGogs.ioPhabricator
Number of code lines ?56k360k??80k520k?
Size of the rpm package500KiB287MiBn/a170KiB???
Page speed: Mobile ?1001460n/a692898
Page speed: Desktop ?1005697n/a868299
CSS size9KiB415KiB770KiBn/a130KiB520KiB95KiB
JS size0KiB3000KiB655KiBn/a450KiB350KiB52KiB
Runtime memory footprint~160MiB??~10MiB???
1) It has a not standard package manager; upgrading distro does not update the git software (pip, gem etc.). Or is a big archive including packages already found in the distribution.
2) Seems is not really secure: if key is leaked, the attacker can push?