Subject SHA-1 Author Date
Fix redis DB configuration 5ccfec34b4bcb3323071ea5667da2a375e219a3e Vasilis Ververis 2017-04-10 19:42:42
Fix redis DB in config dffd5d2deb0c5d8043ff43fc3fe6cb1efd3bc990 Vasilis Ververis 2017-04-10 10:23:15
Set proper host address to redis, remove extra spaces, set ff to unix dd87734e46d0756f7d7f48b5de5591ffd487c8ab Vasilis Ververis 2017-04-04 22:48:03
Add redis conf, datasets, gitignore, convert files 34fd00db0525b875e2f9afbe5a10af28fe06b03b Vasilis Ververis 2017-03-16 09:52:30
Commig cdebeb923331f9081529a023c00cb1f0543e3d55 Mathias Ehlert 2014-12-07 16:07:08
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