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BEST PAYTM CLONE SCRIPT is a popular eCommerce website. E-commerce is an innovative process that entails "buying and selling of products through websites on the internet" instead of the normal shopping-at-the-store offline. Electronic commerce draws on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, Internet marketing and online transaction processing. It includes activities such as order entry, transaction processing, payment, authentication, inventory control, order fulfillment, and customer support.

Wallet Features:
Paytm Wallet is RBI approved.
It’s safe & easy to use.
You can use it on-the-go using web or mobile.
You can use it any time and at many places to pay for your purchases.
You can save money with many exciting cash back offers.
You can add money using net banking, credit card or debit card. You can even save your card info.
We provide 24×7 support

Special Features:
User Store.
Buyer/seller account.
On/off credit system.
Edit and re-list expired products.
Multi-language support.
Multi-stored system.
Create store profile.
On/off admin approval of products.
Product duration set by admin.

Standard Features:
Email Support (3 Years).
FREE Updates (3 Years).
Unlimited categories.
3-level product category.
Unlimited specifications.
Product comparison.
Edit/delete products.
Discount coupon system.
User review system.
Question and answer section.
Unlimited product images.
Add credit for each purchase.
Add credit for each review.
Add credit for each
Product error report.
Add to wish list.

Multi-vendor support:
User can add/ edit/ delete products.
Credit account balance after shipment.
Sell history.
Show pending shipment.
Money withdrawal system.
Show transaction history.
Profile creation with photo.
Advanced search system.
3 level search filter.
Paypal integrated.
Display advertise.
Change shipping status from admin.
Custom terms and privacy page.
Ajax based shopping cart.
Customizable template.

Services :
Popular Scripts
Ecommerce Solutions
Wordpress Plugins
Magento Add-ons
Joomla Components
Android Applications
IOS Applications
Infographic Video
PPT Presentation
Promotional Video
SEO Service

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