List of commits:
Subject Hash Author Date (UTC)
Improve smart zoom math 87da264dca8c443c24a6340002a8cd8169a1446b mse 2021-10-17 10:11:14
Add smart zoom cc57dc0952db6c59d06ef7a9b5c5526f7801945f mse 2021-10-16 09:13:49
Housekeeping 76d7571c34241141c6e2a6315de5e5b513db5209 mse 2021-10-07 07:33:20
Fix font kerning support ab4cbabbed82f629d616f8878790e7d2666524eb mse 2021-10-02 21:10:14
Add default soundspec volume 82a658f2e2bd786618228346bc1848c1be894054 mse 2021-09-30 05:23:43
Fix Windows build and update SDL d8f30e756bc4d5a63e5b7524db2b69ae5af4f88f mse 2021-09-29 23:31:25
Update gamecontrollerdb 3da6ad2629e0b28cad34b3ff7a89c0fe0d96a2fd mse 2021-09-29 23:02:39
Parse newline escape sequences in caption ff33cfb3e88098ae24a6afa1cc7ac9049b6e4c1f mse 2021-09-27 23:45:58
Fix loadOBJ(...) 0b307ff98c2aa8f79d62770b3e2aff6fb7d8670a mse 2021-09-25 05:18:15
Add uploadModelTransforms(...) 53530b8cabe72cfa6c71148bd484a1b5a17df565 mse 2021-09-23 14:33:47
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